Post-pre-matric Goals
Still chugging my way along through the pre-matriculation program. I'm really enjoying it, and also very grateful for it: I hate to imagine just being thrown in the deep end with this stuff so long after undergrad.

After the pre-matric program ends, we'll have two weeks off before class starts proper. I have some goals in mind for things to make my life easier once school starts.

- Keep up with Anki packs. No reason to let all that learning leak out of my head!
- Purchase a full-size whiteboard, if I haven't already by the time the program ends.
- Adopt a kitty cat, again, if I haven't already. Make sure kitty is well socialized and happy.
- Stock up on necessities from Costco (toothpaste, shampoo/condish, toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc.)
- Prepare slow-cooker meals: Either large batches that can be thrown straight in the slow cooker, or microwave-ready meals.
- Expand my Lecture Casual wardrobe.
- Teach myself coag.

Any tips from current grad school students?


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